Technical documents

TPMS Best Practices

5 steps to follow before starting a TPMS service, also explains the differences between programming and relearning TPMS sensors.

EZ-sensor tool combability

Highlights the TPMS diagnostic tools that can be used to program the EZ-sensor® family of products.

Programmable EZ-sensor VS OE Replacement TPMS

learn the differences between programmable sensors and OE Replacement TPMS.

Point of sale (POS) materials

TPMS For Drivers Tri-fold

Driver facing tri-fold that explains the benefits of TPMS.

Consumer Awareness Poster

Driver facing poster that explains the benefits of TPMS.

TPMS Sensor Removal & Install Poster

Shop poster that explains the proper steps to install and remove a TPMS sensor from a rim.